Lolo - In Loving Memory Of When I Gave A Shit

In Loving Memory Of When I Gave A Shit. It's quite a statement for the title of your second album, but Lolo (the previously monikered Lauren Pritchard) isn’t holding back. Her debut, 2010’s Wasted In Jackson, was a blues swagger about hometowns and escaping. It felt innocent, but with a devilish wink. Oh, and it was brilliant; Pritchard’s voice was to behold. Then sometime in 2013 Lolo appeared with what sounded, and looked, like a different proposition. A stream of single releases followed before an EP broke in July heralding a new album.

The first thing you notice is that the six year gap has done nothing to dim the 28-year-old's unique voice, it’s still as rich and alive as ever. What has changed though is the attitude, the sass of the singer. And, undoubtedly, the feisty lyrics. Right from the off there are no punches pulled, “When you gonna tell me you fucked me over” is the kicker to ‘Heard It From A Friend’, sung with the weight of experience; then there’s the slinky, reverb drenched soul of ‘Not Gonna Let You Walk Away’ and it’s “... without saying you’re sorry” punchline. Relationships, tough rather than happy, are the threads that run like deep cuts through the ten tracks.

Positivity isn’t absent though, ‘Shine’ reinforces the importance of belief in yourself and ‘No Time For Lonely’ suggests we all just need to get on with life at times. The impressive thing about In Loving Memory Of When I Gave A Shit, as these songs show, is that this is clearly still Lauren Pritchard, but her sassy, bold alter-ego. It’s still bluesy and poppy, soulful and angry, and always really damn powerful. You’ll feel something, what it is depends on which side of the line you fall in the stories that Lolo so vividly tells.


A bold, brilliant return.



out of 10

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