Lloyd Banks - On Fire

The press release says that, with the release of this single, "Lloyd Banks steps out of the shadows to continue G-Unit's...etc..." but you suspect that the release of this single was due more to 50 Cent giving it the nod than Lloyd Banks making a break for solo success.

Produced by Eminem, On Fire has a great track sat behind Banks' lazy vocal and although he tries for something of the Southern attitude of Snoop Dogg or J-Kwon, there's neither a rhythm to his rap nor much more than a collection of hip-hop cliches.

Eminem's production is a mix of seventies guitar funk and up-to-date hip-hop that hints at how his upcoming album will sound. For now, there's only D12 World, this and Banks' debut album, The Hunger For More, to go on with.



out of 10
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