Little Man Tate - What? What You Got

Hype can be a terrible thing. With the current love for anything northern and monkey related, I have a feeling that Little Man Tate have found themselves sucked into a situation where they may not have normally found themselves.

From the outset, What? What You Got was always going to struggle; a plodding dirge of indie-guitar by numbers. Things haven't been this bad since the end of Britpop. Singing with his accent on full display the lyrics about getting laid on the weekend are hardly inspiring or original and I really can't see this entertaining anyone other than the "fans" who seem to think they're a great live act. Being compared to the Arctic Monkeys isn't going to help either; at least they have an urgency and a small amount of originality that is sadly lacking here. The b-side Young Offenders is actually not too bad, with a nice catchy riff, it's a jolly indie-pop song by numbers and at least it's fun. File under F for forgettable.

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