Lisa Mychols - Sweet Sinsations

Effortlessly throwing away any notions that Lisa Mychols can only deliver us warm, anaemic pop courtesy of Lost Winter's Dream, the singer-songwriter unleashes upon us Sweet Sinsations, a rocking, powerpop album chock full of hooks that are virtually impossible to resist. There's no denying that Mychols demonstrates a powerful 'rock chick' attitude on her latest record, and it certainly springs from the same resonating sound that spewed Joan Jett and even Transvision Vamp. Not that Sweet Sinsations sounds very eighties in tone, but rather it borrows from the large, stadium rock-styled fills and chord-transitions and is coated in slick, radio sheen.

It's the sort of album that was ten-a-penny around ten years ago, but very rare in today's market. The hooks are immediate, and Mychols delivers them with primary-coloured attitude. Living Doll is magnified power-rock, whilst Gonna Get That Boy and Take A Ride should grab most radio stations by the throat. You could name most of the songs featured on Sweet Sinsations and they'd all match each other in terms of quality and adrenaline. Rocket To Mars sounds like it's a soaring missile fired directly through a sixties-rock haze towards orbit, whilst closer Waiting For Me Out There is deliberately derivative.

At times, the musical proceedings are overwhelmingly happy; take for instance the summer-drenched tribute to happiness Oh! To Be In Love or the stark Las Brisas Sun, but mostly, this is smile-rendering, jump-up-and-down power-pop-rock-attitude played out at a pace that never drifts off the fun radar. Lisa Mychols wants to entertain you, it's time you let her.

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