Liam Frost - We Ain't Got no Money, Honey, But We Got Rain

A reviewer needs to pick their words carefully, as we, like Liam Frost, have something very important and special to express when met with a record as superlative as this. These tracks are very thoughtful, very real. Frost manages to bring truth and music as close as it’s possible for them to be. He takes those hidden human emotions and unrelenting passions and unveils them in sound.

This music is the quintessential boy with guitar, but many tracks are lifted and accompanied by instruments like brass, xylophone and piano, and sharpened by remastering and mixing. Unusually for what is essentially a lo-fi folk/acoustic pop style, this does not remove from the sound, and even enhances its genuine and often epical quality.

Single 'Held Tightly in Your Fist' with glittering guitar is a sunny, love proclamation. 'Good Things' is a piano powered tune with a fun Ben Folds 5 feel. 'Younger Boys, Older Girls' laments and weeps with deep, heady brass and blues melodies. 'Shipwrecks' is tossed on waves of guitar, injected with dark suspense and weighty regret. There’s even a duet with singer-songwriter Martha Wainright on 'Your Hand In Mine' and her childlike vocals complement Liam’s wonderfully. And it’s that irreplaceable voice that carries the artsy and romantic 'Orchestra Of Love' along with finger click percussion and stark lo-fi instrumentation.

Frost is as much poet as he is musician. He climbs the sunny summits and delves into the dark recesses of a stunning aural landscape. He creates a soaring soundtrack for life. These tracks are declarations, confessions; hearing them lifts a weight off your shoulders. This boy has something to say and he says it – beautifully.




out of 10
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