Les Georges Leningrad - Sur Les Traces De Black Eskimo

Well, then, what have we here? A vaguely French three-piece hailing from Montreal; not a city normally known for its musical dexterity, but Les Georges Leningrad deserve, at the very least, the benefit of your possibly considerable doubt. For a start, this squelching, bursting noise that this band produces could have come from absolutely anywhere. They draw their influences from the electronic based output of outfits like Erase Errata or Le Tigre whilst crossing it with the very spiky seed of punk. It’s a fusion that works; this is the band that many would sell their dreary, waterlogged souls to morph into.

This is simply gorgeous stuff. A rolling, freewheeling mess of ideas bursting for space between the beats. Free association lyrics that betray the punk origins and a deep seated sense of humour make listening to this an experience accompanied more often than not, with a Chesire Cat sized grin. It’s frenetic, fast and fun and is a band you’d kill to see live. The sort of band that inspires some sort of hope that music can, once more, be fun and exciting. Album of the year so far, or something.




out of 10
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