Lenka's self titled debut is an album of hidden depth, on one hand you have her angelic voice that evokes a kind of Bjork mixed with Nerina Pallot and a sprinkling of Rachael Yamagata, but on the other hand you have some quite acerbic lyrics. As you get drawn into the bouncy light melodies, you at first miss what she's saying but then by the time you reach the end of the album opener (and first single), The Show you are suddenly exposed to the reality.

Some have already dismissed Lenka as being 'twee' - but I'd argue she's anything but. Her blend of pop, indie and folk is a good solid combination that adds to the album's layers. The previously mentioned, The Show, is the perfect track to encompass everything that her and her music is about. The premise that life is a show is something that will resonate with many listeners.

While each track exudes quality, there are some sure-fire hit singles in here - Bring Me Down, Dangerous and Sweet (not a bad description of the album) and Like a Song all would be deserving of a place at the top of the charts.

Lenka's album is full to overflowing with potential hit singles and unlike some of her peers she manages to keep the momentum up across each and every track. There isn't a moment where you consider skipping to the next slice of sugary perfection. The light guitar/piano combination is an aural treat filling the room with enough depth and variety to ensure that there isn't a second of boredom and as you peel away the layers you'll find more and more to get you hooked. With an unnerving ability to make even the dourest subjects (you don't get more downbeat than death and the thin veneer of modern life) seem enjoyable, Lenka has a lot to offer but also a lot to follow up on when she reaches that difficult second album.

With a summer filled with the likes of Little Boots, La Roux and Pixie Lott, Lenka still manages to stand tall amongst her competitors and be a bright light on the music scene.

If you want more Lenka goodness, she took the time to answer a few of our questions here...



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