Lawrence - The Night Will Last Forever

Lawrence's third album follows on from the excellent single Swap, although, by the end of these fifty-plus minutes, one may be wishing for more variation. Categorising dance (or electronica) can be difficult, so, for the sake of argument, let's call this deep-ambient-minimalist-techno.

It starts with Lost Images, a gorgeous, albeit short, piece, which emphasises the ambient, as tinkly piano tones nicely wash over the listener. The record does have a few more such interruptions. Where the beats and rhythms kick in, however, it never much deviates from a pace somewhere between house and chill-out.

Textures, such as snatches of voice or chirping or a general sort of burbling noise, are added, but the impression is really of having listened to a single track, albeit one that sometimes matches the otherworldly trippiness of the title Falling Down A Dam of Mashed Potatoes. If Lawrence is trying to take us on a journey, as would seem to be his intention, the route could do with less monotonous scenery.



out of 10
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