Lamb Of God - Resolution

As one of the forerunners of the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal scene that emerged in the mid-90s, Lamb Of God have tirelessly gone about establishing themselves as a leading exponent of groove-laden, brutally heavy music - albeit largely through a reputation as a blistering live band rather than through a string of outstanding records. Much loved, especially by a younger breed of metalhead, they have still to produce something truly spectacular in the studio; look to contempories such as Machine Head for a band that have really pushed the limits of both themselves and the genre. It is surely about time that Lamb Of God stepped up to the plate and produced something worthy of their status.

Resolution will immediately be adored by fans the world over, and is certainly a highly enjoyable listen, but it still verges a touch too much on the safe side. The grooves are a mile wide and just as deep, and the riffs face-meltingly ferocious. Emergency rooms prepare for an epidemic of sore necks! Throughout Resolution, elements of all previous Lamb Of God albums flicker in and out of focus – not enough to accuse them of recycling old material, instead more of a reassessment and summation of all that has gone before. The problem is though, especially early on, the music is very much staring gooey-eyed into the past without mind for the future.

Lamb Of God do however finally begin to show some real dynamism and a spot of experimentation in the second half of the album as the likes of 'Insurrection' and 'King Me' play with light and dark, the latter even verging on the proggy as the band repeatedly build and deconstruct the crowning glory of the piece.

Resolution might not be the perfect or revolutionary album many had hoped for, but a fun effort it is indeed. In time it may even be seen as a stepping stone to Lamb Of God being lauded as more than just a one trick pony, the start of a veritable legacy beyond the memories of those lucky enough to witness them in the flesh.



out of 10

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