Laki Mera - Turn All Memory to White Noise

The third full-length from Glaswegian three-piece Laki Mera sees a young band recognise and calculate their own unique craft of folk-tinged trip-hop. Turn All Memory to White Noise is rammed with delicate, often eerie ambience, suited beautifully by Laura Donnelly's silky yet assertive vocal delivery. Donnelly's emergent performance refuses these songs to become forgettable landfill, proving the band's ability to extract the profound from the ordinary.

Laki Mera's songs have an edge in the unexpected - think to the loud/quiet dynamic of bands such as Pixies and Nirvana, only correspond such an ethos to the grimy noir of trip-hop. The use of synth is applied in a bold, contemporary fashion, rising out of nowhere mid song screaming for attention. It's an often fearsome and exhilarating method, giving these songs a masculine animosity that sits well in contrast with Donnelly's feminine vocals.

The band's ability to create a sense of hypnotism is touched upon wonderfully on 'Seraphine', a song made up of two distinct movements. Opening as a gentle piano-led ballad with waves of electronic overlapping, the song breaks open midway for a stunning progression of strings, electronic echoes and haunted backing vocals. The record frequently emotes a feeling of unfathomable scope, there are sounds used on certain tracks you may never hear again but will remain distinctly memorable long after. If anything, the band are showing a quality for cinematic expanse and should they ever tire of the conventional band work ethic, their skills are most certainly suited elsewhere.

This is an understated, quietly successful progression by a band too few have had the pleasure of hearing and with this album, that has to change.



out of 10
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