La Faro - Easy Meat

It’s refreshing to find a band so devoid of any sort of bullshit; just straight up, aggressive and riff heavy rock that makes you want to bang your head and drink a few beers. Belfast-based quartet La Faro is that band and their second album Easy Meat is an absolute belter. Combining their uniquely Northern Irish humour with some enormously ball-shaking guitars and snarling vocals, the band have made perhaps one of the most joyfully furious albums released this year.

With a sound based in the darkest corners of post-hardcore, La Faro have injected their particular brand of noise with a metallic anger and bile-spitting fury akin to The Jesus Lizard. Opening track ‘Full Tilt’ breaks things in with thumping drums and barbed-wire guitars, while vocalist Johnny Black vents his rage through his demented bark. Combining angular guitars with a full-throttle metal heaviness, tracks like ‘Boke’ and the title track have the effect of making you just want to lose your mind and burn a little energy.

There’s still plenty of technicality in the quartet’s playing however, with incredibly tight drums and riffs that zip through the mix twisting, turning and tearing like razor wire. Even when the band slow down a bit on the mid-paced ‘Settle Petal’, they sound quietly unhinged but in the most fun kind of way. Punctuating these bursts of blackness however are little snippets of the band's humour, from what sounds like someone trying to make childish car noises to a jaunty run-through of ‘Jingle Bells’ played on a saxophone.

Easy Meat is full of big meaty grooves, dynamic and destructive songs and darkened lyrics that leave you wondering if the members of La Faro may be a little unbalanced. It may be selfish, but who cares when it sounds this good.



out of 10
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