Kyte - Dead Waves

If you’ve been paying a lot of attention to obscure musical corners in recent months you’ll know that Leicestershire four-piece Kyte released a mini-album Two Stars, Two Sparks back in December 2008. Much acclaimed by those that heard it, it went mostly un-noticed by most of the general population. Well, that didn’t deter them and here they are with full-length debut ‘Dead Waves’ out on KIDS Records – the folks that brought you The Wombats, The Whip and Band of Horses. Though as reference points go, all of those are about as far off the mark as you could possibly hope to be.

Kyte make lush music. And not in a chav-slang style way. In a verdant, atmospheric, all-encompassing dream style way. This is music to lose yourself in. These are soundscapes more than they are songs. They wash over you, drawing you in till you find yourself staring a point in the middle distance wondering what on earth you’ve been doing for the last hour. Musically they fall somewhere between Sigur Ros, Snow Patrol and Postal Service. Like Sigur Ros their songs sound like soundtracks. But for a cross between Planet Earth and the latest Zooey Deschanel indie rom-com.

This is orchestral pop music. Forthcoming single ‘ihnfsa’ (feel free to come up with your own acronym) is everything Owl City should be, with their singer doing a much better Ben Gibbons impression than that Adam Young guy ever managed. It’s big, synth-laden indie-pop at its finest. If there were any justice in the world it would head straight to the top of the charts. It won’t – but make sure it heads straight into your record collection as soon as possible.



out of 10
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