Kristian Leontiou - Story Of My Life

Released this Monday, Kristian Leontiou is one of Polydor's big hopes and by mixing classic pop songwriting and, for pop at least, a sound that's a little less polished than might be expected, this gets a better chance than most round at my mansion in the country. Even a poll I ran amongst a small sample of his market - one of my teenage nieces and her friends - should tell the record company that Leontiou is a good lookin' boy so Polydor should be thrilled to their soles of their shoes...shouldn't they?

Well, yes, in that Story Of My Life is a well-crafted pop ballad, providing you can forgive the theft of the title from The Velvet Underground's sublime third album and certainly it's proving that a strong chorus and the feeling of being easy on the ear should guarantee some success. But Story Of My Life, despite its indication that Leontiou is opening his heart to us, never quite feels as though its writer has lived enough to prepare him to do as much. In putting Leontiou alongside David Gray - probably the singer/songwriter who bears closest comparison - the impression of one having lived as full a life as the other is never made. When Gray sings This Year's Love, his words have impact because we feel that they're sung from experience whereas Leontiou's song sounds like the musical equivalent of Michael Owen having written his autobiography at 21.

That said and with lyrical objections put aside, this isn't a bad single. It does lack the immediate sparkle one would hope comes hand-in-hand with pop but for the, ahem, more mature singles buyer, it would be a fine purchase. Otherwise, the album, Someday Soon is due out Monday 31st May.



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