Korn - III: Remember Who You Are

Korn haven't been the luckiest band in the past few years. Losing a guitarist to God and a disinterested drummer in the midst of generally not producing anything particularly exciting, it was time that they pulled something worthwhile out the bag and it seems the decision to return to debut album producer Ross Robinson was a wise move. III: Remember Who You Are is a beast of a record, full of the band's trademark groove and a brutal heaviness which has been lacking in their most recent albums.

The signs were good when opening track and first single was unveiled to the public. 'Oildale' showcases the fantastic skills of new drummer Ray Luzier, who brings a more solid and infinitely more interesting backbone to the band. That mixed with a crushing riff and the trademark roars of Jonathan Davis amount to probably the best single the band had put out since 'Freak On A Leash' - and you'll be glad to know that it's not downhill from there.

'Pop A Pill' is driven along by Fieldy's loose and rolling bass, while Munky uses his guitar to create an almost creepy atmosphere at times, not just relying on those big crunchy riffs. In the quieter parts, Davis' bizarre tendency to sound like some subdued yet insane serial killer only adds to the vibe. 'The Past' sees the spooky atmosphere continue with eerie guitars and keyboards that break out into one of the best tracks Korn have written in a long time. Other tracks like 'Move On' just demonstrate that they definitely still have a knack for writing pissed-off anthems that take them past being just nu-metal originators.

So, quite easily the best album the band have released since the excellent Life Is Peachy, and welcome return from Ross Robinson into the fold. The man has managed to coax some truly angry performances from the Bakersfield boys that can almost make us forget that ill-judged cover of 'Word Up'.



out of 10
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