Kodaline - In A Perfect World

Irish band Kodaline have already caused quite a stir, seducing fans and critics alike with their winsome brand of soft-focused, pop-infused folk. Though the C-word (Coldplay) has been used in describing their sound, (the choice of piano over big guitars, Stephen Garrigan's choir-boy tenor) their songs dig deep without the bombastic pomposity of Chris Martin and Co.

In A Perfect World is, overall, a fine achievement, demonstrating a talent for well-penend, catchy tunes. Only with the bland mid-tempo 'Brand New Day' do they step a bit too close for comfort into Coldplay territory, yet the rest of the album more than makes up for this slight lapse. 'One Day', 'All I Want' and the luscious 'High Hopes' really showcase the bands' fine vocal work, while the bouncy 'Love Like This' is so upbeat and infectious it makes you itchy to hear it live.

What really saves the project is Garrigan's wonderful voice, especially apparent in 'Big Bad World' which would be much less appealing without his earnest contribution. 'Talk' and the charming album closer 'Way Back When' have an endearing quality that makes you want to emotionally invest in Kodaline and stick with them while they work through their growing pains. A young band with a lot of promise.



out of 10

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