Kissy Sell Out - Youth

Making his name over the last couple of years with remixes for the likes of Mark Ronson, The Human League and, er, All Saints, Kissy Sell Out now turns to producing his own material. So is this one kiss your ear will want to linger, or has he already sold out?

Debut album Youth represents a love-in between Justice's brain-battering beats and Does It Offend You, Yeah?'s aloof '80s revivalism. Although instrumentals like the title track and Bubs N Bizzle have a kick to rival Tom and Ed's best, this is a pop album at heart. Kissy's synth lines may be more complex than your average rent-a-hit readymade single but the melodies, choruses and his own casual vocals aim for the simple joys of, you guessed it, youth.

Through the Leaves sets the dizzying tone of the ensuing summer soundtrack of loose and carefree gems. Halfway in, the vocals do become a little one-note and the lyrical observations, which vary between drinking, lazing and 'sitting on a bed watching Dirty Dancing', would begin to annoy Kate Nash; and yet, when Bethnal Green rivals Mutya's dalliance with Groove Armada for pure feel-good euphoria, you'll simply wanna throw a street party on Brick Lane.

Photo credit: Chris Davison



out of 10

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