Kippi Kaninus - Happens Secretly

Kippi Kaninus? With a name like that you would probably be expecting some kind of odd Icelandic experimental music akin to Sigur Rós and Björk. Well, that is exactly what you get with Happens Secretly, an album of (mostly) instrumental weirdness that, on its initial release in 2005, passed under the radars of everyone but the most ardent connoisseurs of strange.

‘The Comfort of My Eyes’ opens up with an array of clicks, off kilter rhythms and beats that provide the backdrop to a hypnotic, childlike voice that seems to echo the frustrations of the very young in their attempts to make themselves understood by the world at large. ‘Whyshouldtheyounghavefaith’ leads us in to a film noir-ish soundtrack that portrays the, as yet unseen, threat that will soon envelop our hero. ‘A Soft Living Thing’ and ‘This Note Is – D’ are piano and organ-based tunes that would provide the perfect backdrop for a visit to any cathedral. ‘Refrain’ closes the album in a suitably muted fashion that leaves us wanting more of the ethereal beauty that has been present throughout.

It is very unlikely that this collection will reach the mass audience of the aforementioned Icelandic superstars simply because it lacks the discernible hooks or radio friendly tunes that could propel Kaninus to a wider audience. Despite this Happens... is a rewarding piece of work that should appeal to lovers of weird and strangely hypnotic music.



out of 10
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