King Creosote - Flick the Vs

On opener No One Had It Better, our monarch Kenny Anderson is clearly aiming for something a bit different. Noted for his lo-fi production and prolific back catalogue, Anderson's overreach just about holds together a six minute undertaking that sounds like Adem wistfully tackling a Hot Chip/New Order headlock. Yep, its core is your usual singer/songwriter fare but, wait a sec, it's all bleepy and electronic and stuff.

It's interesting to see someone who could so easily rest on his fan-worshipped laurels go in for something a bit foreign. The faithful don't have to sweat just yet, as more traditional Creosote moments like the swooning Camels Swapped for Wives and new single Coast On By, currently wooing Radio 2 listeners, remain his strong suit. However, when he's playing with his new toys, the results are similarly pleasing.

Articulate ballads like Two Frocks at the Wedding and Fell An Ox benefit from underlying electronic touches, Anderson never allowing the new techniques he's discovered to overshadow the song itself. Curtain Craft's lyrical paranoia jars - in a good way - with its invigorating sonics, while there's nice use of Sufjan-esque harmonies on Rim's resigned refrain. Taken as a whole, Flick the Vs won't be one of the year's crowning moments but is accomplished grown-up pop just unusual enough to appeal beyond all the King's men.



out of 10

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