Kevin Drumm - Imperial Horizon

It’s often hard to find the time to relax and really listen to music properly. Trying to find a space without any background noise or interruptions can be a challenge in our busy lives. So when experimental electro-acoustic artist Kevin Drumm arrives with a new album consisting of a single 64 minute piece it’s time to lock yourself in the garage and indulge in an invigorating deep cleansing of your cerebral cortex.

The nearest comparison to the single track ‘Just Lay Down And Forget It’ is the material on Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works 2. The entire piece is a low frequency hum that fluctuates infrequently in tone and depth. There are no paratroopers ready to abseil in through the windows to save the day with drum loops or other instrumentation. As simple as this may sound, in the correct listening environment it is totally captivating and will soon becomes your whole world, an immersion chamber of sound. When totally connected the slightest change of note, however subtle, has an overwhelming effect. Switching from relaxation to trepidation with such a limited musical palette shows the mastery Drumm has over sound engineering.

It’s both a relaxing and empowering experience. By forcing you to concentrate and engage completely with the piece, an almost immeasurable depth is uncovered. By the end the sound will have been entrenched into every fibre of your body. Detaching yourself at the end will leave you wondering how strange the world is without this mysterious hum. This is about as ambient as you can get without shooting yourself repeatedly in the arse with elephant tranquilisers.



out of 10
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