Kelsea Ballerini - Unapologetically

Well, it's happened again. Just a few years ago Taylor Swift made huge news for announcing that she was done with country music and going full-on pop. For most casual listeners that's what she was anyway. Now Sony Music's Kelsea Ballerini has made the same journey. The barely-country music of her 2014 debut The First Time has given way to the totally-not-country music of Unapologetically.

In dispatching with any sonics that are outside of mainstream pop the 24-year-old has limited her music to a more homogeneous sound. Whether it's 'Miss Me More', 'Get Over Yourself', or 'In Between', the songs sound like any middling pop album of the last ten years. When the Tennessee singer does something slightly different, like the catchy rhythm of 'Roses' or the mildly interesting lyrics of 'I Hate Love Songs' she shows there is more to her. Sadly though, too much of Unapologetic is just a bit boring.


Slick, but ultimately dull, Nashville pop.


out of 10
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