Keane - Is It Any Wonder

With the new album only weeks away, anticipation is high for new recordings by Keane. After the huge success of Hopes and Fears, an army of fans are expecting big things. Reports have suggested that achieving this has been a huge strain on the band, taking them to the very brink and giving their sound a grittier and angrier dynamic.

Which makes this new single all the more disappointing. It crashes in sounding very much like Zoo Station by U2, with a fuzzed up sound and crashing drums leading you into the verse. The noises that Rice-Oxley coaxes from his electric piano sound so much like guitars that you wonder why they don't just go the whole hog and use the damn things. The lyrics as well are bland and meaningless - the track is supposed to question the frustrations of a dislocated generation, but instead is your usual standard indie fare of unresolved puzzles and unanswered questions.

I struggle to be convinced by Keane. To me they sound as bland and unappealing as they always have. Whilst their songs do in a small way stir the spirits, they have no lasting effect on me, musically or emotionally. I hear nothing here to persuade me otherwise. Maybe the album will change that, but I have a feeling it won't.

The review of the album, Under the Iron Sea, will appear on CDtimes in the next week.



out of 10
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