Kasabian - L.S.F.

It has the sound of inevitable success but not of it being universally loved, much as how Franz Ferdinand have been pulled into record collections despite the obvious lifts from the likes of Led Zeppelin and an artschool look that would so love to be original but which owes much to New Wave rock.

With Kasabian, there's always the feeling of, "er...don't I know this?", as much on this new single as on Club Foot, their debut single that charted earlier this year and no doubt on the album that's due for release in September. The recent support slot for The Who suggests that Kasabian have got the classic rock sound sorted, which is backed up by this single, even with a more prominent use of keyboards on L.S.F. than such a description would suggest.

The press release says more about Kasabian than the music, however, as it's more keen on name dropping than talking about the music. Mentions of Stuart Pearce, Patrick Stewart, The Who and Peter Blake leave the band as looking more interested in who they're seen with than what they're playing. And that puts them right with 2004, given that they're more likely to be spending their time discussing being seen in Heat than in Uncut.



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