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When he launched The Life Of Pablo, Kanye West amplified the idea of the album to preposterous levels. I’m still unsure if I witnessed a fashion show, an album launch or the pure personification of ego. It was most likely all three.

Following on from last week’s perfectly produced DAYTONA by Pusha T, we are presented with a record that could easily be described as a hard listen.

Kayne’s eighth album finds him considering pre-meditated murder on an unknown assailant. The opening track, 'I Thought About Killing You', finds him in a dark place similar to My Dark Twisted Fantasy. It’s cold and uncaring but very revealing of his current mental state.

The album is peppered with hints towards mental health, he doesn’t consider himself to have a disability. He’s a superhero. Which doesn’t fly, either. He seems to have lost the compassion of his earlier records. It feels like a creation that is only capable when you’re surrounded by ‘yes men’.

Where Kanye once punched, he now flounders. Musically, there are moments of beauty in piano chords and his usual keen ear for a good sample. Yet, a lot of his lyrics crash into each other with no real impact. It feels like he scribbled them down in a hurry. This isn’t the same, sharp mind that penned Spaceship, Hey Mama or Power.

As with The Life Of Pablo, Ye continues his method of writing by committee. The credits are full of familiar collaborators. It feels like they are propping him up, rather than pushing him further.

Kanye West in 2018 is surrounded by wealth. He sounds bored. It would be nice to hear him cut-back on his excessiveness. I’m hopeful that we will see another reinvention soon. Deep down, I think Kanye really needs it.


Ye is on the ropes. His braggadocio waning.


out of 10


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