Kano - Home Sweet Home

Is Grime ready for mainstream ears? Dizzee tried, won a Mercury Award and has since been seen recording a ridiculous single and carrying some sort of lethal weapon.

Now Kano enters the ring with a bag of respected singles behind him. His debut album, Home Sweet Home, is an introspective and emotional series of flows that pellets the murky baselines and runs circles around the shuffling breakbeats.

Until the memorable hooks of Ps & Qs or the captivating appeal of Boys Love Girls – a live version of his breakthrough track released when he was a mere 16 years old – shoot to the surface. Kano can get some superb singles together to last and last in the bank holds of the memory.

Other notables, the heavy rock loops of Typical Me and the Samba stylings of Remember Me are great attempts of reaching mainstream success, but it's when Kano participates in the underground’s purest form of Grime, he excels.

Mic Check is dirty and frightening piece of aggressive darkness: the baseline squirms like a monster under the sea; the backing sound is so subtle that the breakbeat works as just about the only music and melody, apart from the sonic of Kano’s voice; and, the utter defiance of just about everything in his rap makes this track something special in a pure Grime kind of way.

So Kano has the torch now with Home Sweet Home, and although the ability to grasp onto mainstream success may be missed here, it isn’t so much Kano’s fault but perhaps the embracement of some pure underground Grime. However, Kano is a master in capturing his sound and has put together an exciting album that is bound for respect from all quarters.



out of 10
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