Joy Zipper - American Whip

Joy Zipper are duty-sharing New York duo Vinny Cafiso and Tabitha Tindale. American Whip, their third release, at times fits loosely into the 'college rock' category; Tabitha's vocals have a sweetness which recall the likes of The Breeders or Veruca Salt.

However, the guitars are never allowed to reach the level of those bands at their hardest, with Baby You Should Know, Out Of The Sun and Ron being the loudest tracks, and loud only next to songs such as 33x and Dosed And Became Invisible. This is an album particularly suited to daydreamers, often succeeding in capturing a simple sense of beauty. The lyric "You're the moon and I'm the sun" (from the gorgeous Valley Stream) is fairly typical of their approach to love, and then there's the wry melancholy of In The Never Ending Search For A Suitable Enemy.

The production credits are interesting, and rather surprising for such a gentle record. Kevin Shields' influence, if you're listening for it, is more in line with My Bloody Valentine's fuzzier moments than his recent noisy work with Primal Scream. As for David Holmes, well, electronic effects are scattered lightly across a couple of tracks, and Alzheimers includes dialogue samples and what sounds like programmed drums.

The hooks on the album are mostly just as subtle. Like a summer's day spent lying in the grass (for which this seems designed), American Whip is pretty much guaranteed to drift over you pleasantly, but whether it'll stick in your head is another matter.



out of 10
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