Josh Wink - Profound Sounds V2

American by birth but who has had hit singles in Europe and a close connection with the underground club scene, Josh Wink has been a member of both the dance mainstream and counter-culture since his breakthrough hit in 1990, having been influenced by punkand the mobile sound systems of his native Philadelphia. Having formed Ovum Records in 1994 with a DJ from his hometown, Wink has been having hits through his own label since a year after its formation

Having remixed singles for others from the release of Left Above The Clouds in 1995, Josh Wink continues with the release of this second volume from the Profound Sounds series of albums, in which he takes sixteen songs, two of which are his own songs, and prepares them before mixing them live into a single, seventy-eight-minute sequence of songs. The problem with this idea is that, for those unaware of the songs, Wink is almost too successful as with the exception of tracks like Winks own Superfreak (Freak) and Rino Cerrone's Rilis 6 Loop 2, there's precious little variation across the album. Of those, Superfreak (Freak) is only a highlight as it breaks away from the early chillout room feeling of the first four tracks. Whilst a fair criticism of this reviewer is that, with the occasional exception of some groundbreaking records, I've got the feeling that much dance music does sound the same, Josh Wink's reason for this album is also its major failing. Clearly, Wink has a strong feel for the music on Profound Sounds V2 but there's rarely a moment that is as genuinely surprising as those found of albums by, say, The Chemical Brothers or The Prodigy.



out of 10
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