Joe - Ride Wit U

Alright, so the PR says that Joe's gigs have a serious sexual atmosphere, with 80% of the audience being female and dressed to thrill. Now that sounds like the kind of club I used to fly to Prague to get into, where the only rule is that I can't use fingers but see, I get to wonder what the blokes are doing when they go see Joe. Women can drive, leave the house without the company of a guy and be seen out at night without attracting the attention of street urchins so what's the appeal for a Joe gig when, I dunno, pubs remain open?

Could be 50 Cent, who appears here with G-Unit, could just be the feeling of being surrounded by thousands of women but hats off to the guy who's sufficiently bullish to think he stands a chance when Joe's on the stage. Not that the music is great, or even that good, certainly not when you realise that this single has been lifted off Joe's fifth album, which has been released in his tenth year as a recording artist. And that's where the 50 Cent thing becomes less a meeting of respected artists on the same recording and more a desperate grab by Joe to attach himself to a late hope.

The song, taken from the album And Then..., Ride Wit U is the same old R&B that's hung about some tired old beats whilst Joe grunts about his lady, making most of the 8,000 or so attending his gigs thrilled at the thought of something so personal being sung to them. More likely, with lyrics and music this insipid, Joe jotted down the words whilst thinking about sandwich filling but so long as dreary R&B continues to float, like bloated corpses, into the charts, Joe may well continue to sell out the venues booked for his UK tour.



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