Joan As Policewoman - 5 Song EP

Joan As Policewoman is Joan Wasser. Named after the '70s TV series "Police Woman" starring Angie Dickenson as an undercover cop, Joan has an impressive CV to date which includes being a member of Antony & The Johnsons, sometimes member of Rufus Wainwright's band and she's also worked with Lou Reed, Dave Gahan and, err, Elton John.

It's always difficult to move out of the shadows and make it on your own regardless of any "previous experience". There's no one else to take the criticism, you're no longer a bit part in a grander scheme and it’s now all down to you.

If it's one thing that Wasser does possess that should stand her in good stead is self-confidence. Describing her work as the rather impressive "American Soul Music", she's certainly taking in plenty of influences. Her voice reminds me of a cross between Dusty Springfield and PJ Harvey but the arrangements are complex, equal measures of rock n roll, pop, jazz and soul, to create an imaginative back drop to these impressive vocals. Each track seems to bring one of these influences to the fore - it's almost as if she's showing off her ability to write different styles of music, which bugs me a little!

As a debut EP it's a great showcase for her talents and it's certainly going to be an interesting journey to see where she goes from here.

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out of 10
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