Joan As Police Woman - The Deep Field

"I want you to fall in love with me," proclaims Joan Wasser (better known as Joan As Police Woman) in 'Nervous', opening track of her super-cool new album The Deep Field. The song is playful and coy, yet beneath the lightheartedness of the music and Joan's girlish vocals is a vulnerability coupled with a steely determination that characterizes the entire album. This is a woman in love, and she don't care who knows.

This album is about not just wearing your heart on your sleeve, but wearing it as jewelery. This is being in love, but being in love on your own terms. The funky 'Looking For The Magic' is a perfect example. Here Joan describes the sexual animal residing inside of her, looking for the lucky guy to take it on: "I wonder if the wild animals living inside of me / Will they ever find freedom?" The restrained music that envelopes her encapsulates the sexual tension in the song that is just waiting to break loose. 'Action Man', with its soulful rhythm, is slow and sensuous, and any man would need superhuman strength to resist her come-ons: "Ain't we talked enough already? / And don't you want to be the action man?"

Songs like 'Flash' and 'Kiss The Specifics' show Joan's softer side, when she's not being The Seductress; beautiful and intimate, moody but not melancholy. Soul-flavoured 'Chemmie' and closing track, the jazzy 'I Was Everyone' round off this smart and passionate album. This is the thinking woman's diva and the smart man's dream-date. Joan As Policewoman opens her heart and shows you what makes her tick. Discard your inhibitions and look inside, you'll be glad you did.



out of 10
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