Jim Noir - My Patch

This may not be the first song about fighting or starting fights, but it certainly seems like the most fun one. Jim Noir's unique and eccentric take on the whole singer/songwriter genre is a refreshing and slightly odd experience.

With the song mainly the reciting of the lines "If you ever step on my patch, I'll bring you down, I'll bring you down" it could sound sinister and even a little bit nasty, but the bouncy Playschool jolly music that rattles along makes it sound more like an empty playground chant than the sound of someone who actually wants to start a fight. When the Beach Boys style harmonies start you definitely know it's some kind of joke, but it's a joke of the most enjoyable kind and one in which you'll pretty much forgive Noir anything and you may even, possibly, want to step on his patch to see what could happen...



out of 10
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