Jaydee - Plastic Dreams

Legendary? Well...in as much as any dance track has been in the last couple of decades or so but, whilst the title of the song may not familiar, be sure that when the beats take up their position and an organ riff comes flickering into the mix, it will be as familiar as breathing.

From its first release in 1992, Plastic Dreams has found its way into the record boxes of DJs across Europe, reaching number one in the UK dance chart and this 2003 remix pulls in a deep bass behind the atmospheric build up of the track to produce something that is as up-to-date as any of the latest releases but which also recalls the techno anthems of the early nineties.

The other three remixes on offer call in drum'n'bass, big beat and hypnotic house to create four tracks that will ensure Plastic Dreams should live on through 2004 as much as it did in 1992.



out of 10
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