Japandroids - Post-Nothing

Japandroids are an off-kilter two piece from Vancouver consisting of Brian King and David Prowse. Foregoing the bass player - which seems to be the new black at the moment - Brian punishes his guitar whilst David pounds the drums, making a noise straight out of 1992 - in the best possible way.

They play a pretty mean, blissed out, muddy, distorted guitar sound with flamboyant, technical drumming and citizen band vocals. Reminiscent of bands like Pond and the Drop Nineteens in places and in the more technical sections it’s easy to compare them to That Fucking Tank although Japandroids' sounds tend to bleed into each other more than the rigid and precise TFT.

Opener ‘The Boys Are Leaving Town’ (maybe a prequel to the Thin Lizzy classic?) is a dirge heavy fuzz-fest with meters in the red; the angst heavy chorus of “We used to dream, now we worry about dying” from ‘Young Hearts Spark Fire’ is rescued from being a scrawling on a sixth former's A4 lever-arch file by the following line of “I just wanna worry about those sunshine girls”. ‘Heavy Sweats’ is a dirty, nasty and sexy proclamation of cool. Knowing that they’ve perfected the guitar sound it’s allowed to drive the whole song.

Within all the distortion they’ve not forgotten about the tune - with the exception of final track ‘I Quit Girls’ which is the wrong side of drone - this is a melodic experience. It will be interesting to see where they go from here, but post-nothing sits firmly in the top tier of 2009’s releases.



out of 10
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