Jackson Analogue - West of Here EP

It's a funny ole busy, the music business. With the current trend for record companies wanting to make money recruiting bands who either sound like Coldplay or Gang Of Four, it's hard to know where Jackson Analogue fit in.

Harking from the lowly Isle Of Wight we have these remarkably odd bunch of lads who don't quite fit into the current music chic. This is the kind of music I can imagine hearing on Top Gear as Jeremy Clarkson drives exceedingly fast in an expensive car through some English countryside - all big guitars and emotive vocals. It's these vocals, in fact, that make these guys sound anything but English. The vocals are pitched somewhere between Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder, growling over the decidedly retro music - chunky guitar riffs with splashes of Hammond organ for good measure. We're veering very close to AOR territory here. Opener Out Of Reach sounds like Pearl Jam if they'd listened to more British rock, whilst the very lacklustre Disco sounds anything but its namesake - plodding along without any direction or subtance. It's only on the closing track Moody Man Left do I find myself engaging with the music - it builds to a nice guitar riff, but it's too little to late to save it. The English AOR revival hopefully ends here.



out of 10
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