Jack Butler - Boy Vs Beast

Unleash the beast.

Once upon a time, Jack Butler lived in a small town in Scotland. Home for many bands, Jack one day thought he would try his luck at forming one fit to rank alongside past greats that have gone down in Scottish music folklore.

Well then, Jack got together with some friends and made things possible with their first single. Called ‘Velvet Prose’ it was a belter.

Fresh from the critical acclaim and knowing they were onto a winning commercial sound, they began work on their second single and follow-up, ‘Boy Vs Beast’.

Yes, the double a-side ‘Boy Vs Beast’ was another classic piece of Scottish Indie rock, distinctly impressive, exciting and with a slight Bloc Party vibe to it. The reverberating jangling guitars and emphatic production gave the track a funky bonhomie stomp packed with a punch that went down well in a live setting. “Take ‘em down” with their action-packed tunes, Jack Butler most certainly did.

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack escapes the beast.

‘Surgery 1984’ the second a-side of the single gave an insight as to what Jack Butler did next, being an atmospheric and soaring twilight filled track, full of sweeping magic beguiling the listener. Yes, Jack Butler also sang in their own indelible accents which brought a powerful backing to the quality craftsmanship and elegant instrumentation on both these songs.

Legend has it that Jack Butler still roams the streets of Scotland marauding their way into the top gig venues playing sold-out shows everywhere to their partisan fan-base.

The decision to purchase was elementary.

And so to bed.


Hail Mary full of grace, boy versus beast, Jack Butler wins.



out of 10
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