J-Kwon - Tipsy

It ought to one of this summmer's biggest hits as well as the soundtrack to parties, barbecues or anywhere else there's too much drinking going on as it just has the right feel for sunshine and the warm fuzz that alcohol gives easily.

J-Kwon's album, Hood Hop, has already been reviewed on this site and this single was one of the album's better moments - a storming ode to drinking, which really is a much underrated pastime - with a great chorus and a sample of the handclaps from Queen's We Will Rock You that used to great effect. With a humour not seen on much of rap albums released during the last couple of years, although the lack of a mention for brewer's droop in a song about teen drinking goes noticed, J-Kwon has a bright future ahead, if not blindingly so. This, though, should be to J-Kwon, what In Da Club was to 50 Cent and in a contest between the two - one an odd-looking guy wearing a tank-top and the other a guy who's as lyrically nimble as Frank Bruno was light on his feet - I'd back the drinker.



out of 10
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