it's jo and danny - The Remix EP

Nice idea, this. Throughout the month of May, fans of it's jo and danny can download a free four-track EP of remixes from the folk duo's fourth album The Quickening, which was released last year. The EP features two remixes of Dying Kiss - the first an upbeat mix by Culprit one, the second a dreamier, slower effort by Rudy (the guitarist who will join it's jo and danny on their forthcoming short UK tour). Also included are a late-night Portishead-esque mix of Swollen River, by Leif and conducted solely via the internet via MySpace, and MC Quake's take on Room 220. Great stuff, and all for the princely sum of nought pence.

The EP is available from 1-31 May from and the duo are on tour in April and May before they stage the Green Man festival in August (see news section for dates and venues).



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