I'm Kingfisher - Arctic

Thomas Denver Jonsson has spent the last decade carving a singer songwriter niche in the Swedish indie-folk scene. After a few years hiatus since his last solo release, 2007’s The Lake Acts Like An Ocean, he has returned with a new album Arctic under a new alias I’m Kingfisher.

We’re still in alternative singer songwriter territory with this album but there’s less of the Swedish folk on show and more of a expansive Americana feel to these songs. This isn’t to say mainstream, more in the style of Will Oldham or Neil Young.

The songs themselves are engaging if not consuming. To borrow from sporting cliches, it’s an album of two halves with the later tracks coming across richer in content and more demanding of repeated plays. This perhaps could be because the initial tracks inculcates the listener into I’m Kingfisher's musical stylings. There are occasional flourishes which remind you of Jonsson’s Scandinavian musical background, as does the welcome use of brass instruments which seem to be undergoing some sort of renaissance in lands closer to the Northern Lights.

Lyrically, it's less flourishes and more familiar scenarios of dreams and love which, as with the album as a whole, portrays it as a solid if undemanding listen. In a market place full of similar fare, this might not be enough for it garner greater attention.



out of 10

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