Idlewild - Warnings/Promises

And so the ubiquitous Idlewild reach their 4th album (5th if you count Captain) and some say the most anticipated as well. I know that I myself have been waiting quite a while for this album after the release of The Remote Part a few years back, and 100 broken windows a few years before that again. Both classics due to them sounding different from anything before by Idlewild.

The opening track ( Love Steals Us From Loneliness) is/was the first single off the album to be released, and is a typical if not slightly drawn out affair by idlewild’s standards. But it whet my appetite for the new album well. But it’s a solid track if not really up to the standard they’ve shown so far.
The same goes for Welcome Home as well, however this track picks up later on with some classic Idlewild riffs.

I want a Warning sounds a lot more like Idlewild should do as opposed to the current trend of electro-acoustic which seems to be forgetting the fans and looking towards sales. Whether this is the route Roddy wishes to go down, or he is being pigeonholed into it by those above him remains to be seen.
Too Long Awake, El Capitan & The Space between all things are other standout tracks, harking back to those days between 100 Broken Windows and The Remote Part, With the rest of the album feeling too vague to be Idlewild.

However, I seem to be concentrating too much on the bad points of the album, it does have its good moments, and it certainly flows as albums go. If it were anyone other than Idlewild I’d say it’s a cracking album and move on, but it is Idlewild and after 4 other stunning releases I’d expect more.

All in all, it’s worth a purchase at least for the standout tracks but it’s by no means Idlewild’s best work. If they know what’s good for them ‘El Capitan’ and ‘The Space between all things’ should be the only tracks released as singles other than what’s already been released.



out of 10
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