I am Kloot - Gods and Monsters

Returning after the (in some peoples eyes) disappointing self titled effort, I Am Kloot return with this, their third long player ’Gods and Monsters’. Further engineering their sound from the folk/jazz/northern style in previous albums they now have a warmer sound which sounds accomplished, almost akin to Belle and Sebastian in places.

Opening on No Direction Home, from the offset you begin to hear the small changes in the sound of the band, taking on a toe-tapping backing beat and synths throughout it leads into the Floyd-esque title track Gods and Monsters.
Over my shoulder takes on a Belle and Sebastian sound for a moment, which carries on further into the album mixed with a steady stream of excellent lyricism. My only problem with the central part of the album is the sheer shortness of all the tracks, as good as they are long they are not.
Its not until we get to Sand and Glue does the average track length open out again. The track itself is full of impressive drum solos and hard edged guitarwork. Ending on I believe a near 5minute cacophony of as many instruments Kloot could get hold of it finishes off the album well.

While not quite matching ‘Natural History’, it tries its hardest. I think the main problem here is a lack of flow in on the LP, being merely a collection of songs as opposed to being an ‘album’.

However, its worth a listen, fan or otherwise.



out of 10
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