Hybrid - Light of the Fearless

For over twenty years Hybrid have been honing their own unique sound, orchestral strings with progressive house, trance, breakbeat and EDM. With their breakout hit 'Finished Symphony' and their debut album Wide Angle, Hybrid have always been known for their cinematic sound. Wide Angle was an experiment with different types of sound, Morning Sci-Fi a journey into the dark side, I Choose Noise akin to listening to an epic movie and Disappear Here had more mainstream appeal.

After a gap of eights years they're back with a fifth studio album Light of the Fearless which is a carefully orchestrated journey that flows from one song to another. 'We are Fearless', the album opener, is full of the trademark Hybrid hallmarks and sets the tone for the rest of the album. Not only is it a new direction but the sound is more optimistic compared to darker tone of Disappear Here. 'Down to the Wire' is the highlight of the album, mixing pop, beats and orchestral to create a unique sound that doesn't outstay its welcome.

On 'I Won't Back Down' Hybrid show they're masters at remixing tracks and they let their magic shine with a breathtaking reimagining of the late Tom Petty classic. This song tells the story of the whole album, a story of hope, optimism and defiance. There's little to no filler and it's jam-packed with A-side tracks. Light of the Fearless crisscrosses genres and should appeal to fans and newcomers alike and should be very appealing to mainstream audiences while retaining their signature sound. And just like its predecessors it doesn't retread old ground; it's unmistakably Hybrid.



out of 10
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