Husky Rescue - City Lights EP

One of the great musical mysteries of the past year is the seeming failure of Husky Rescue to make much of an impact in the UK. City Lights is arguably the best track on their excellent album Country Falls. It's wonderfully enchanting and richly textured, with country and "electronica" influences and an understated vocal from Reeta-Leena Korhola. Like much of the Finnish band's work, the song is chilly on the outside, warm on the inside, and seems to embody the essence of a land so far north.

The remixes are rather good too. Product.01's bleepy Crunch City Remix flattens the original under a robotic foot, while Vector Lovers take the chill-out approach, adding extra twinkly noises and vocodered vocals. Unreleased track Last Dance utilises a different singer, Sofia Chaichee, her breathy sighs and the sampled guitar groove giving an air of Portishead-gone-sexy.

Rounding off the package is the City Lights video. It's stylish, subtly erotic and more than a little reminscent of David Lynch's Lost Highway.



out of 10
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