Hot Gossip - You Look Faster When You Are Young

Deep, bold clunks of guitar and youthfully unimpressed vocals instill Hot Gossip with an accessibly chic edge. These are fun, fashionable punk rock party tracks that would enhance any night out and barely put a foot wrong in their aural aesthetics.

The rocky mess of "What We Are" would do great in a club alongside other classics and the infectious bass and punky guitar on "Little Secrets" carry the track’s vintage sound. The genius of opposing bass and whining alto vocals in "Cops With Telephones" add to its modish, drunk and disorderly feel.

Though I've tried my hardest not to use it, that ubiquitous word "cool" comes to mind but “You Look Faster When You Are Young” definitely fits that label. It’s a shame that otherwise unblemished opening track “Everybody Else” ends with a disappointing fade out, but apart from that you can’t go wrong with this sleek album of dynamic punk-infused indie, executed with all the effortless nonchalance of a Topshop-toting teenager.



out of 10
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