Hot Gossip - Angles

It's a post-punk, pop tinged angular-guitars and all record which thrashes around like an octopus in the middle of its death throws. That's my best stab at describing the debut from this Italian threesome.

Formed in the back streets of Milan, it might not be breaking the boundaries of rock music and it might be a bit late for jumping on the post-punk bandwagon, but it's not offensive. The songs all scoot past in around two minutes so they don't really get a chance to outstay their welcome, which is probably a good thing as you'd probably tire quickly of their crashing angular riffs and wailed vocals.

It's not that there's anything wrong with this record, it's just that we've already heard it all before. The crashing riffs of "Five" are all tight and ferocious but it sounds like Bloc Party. "Do It" comes across all Gang Of Four whilst "Real Mess" sounds like Hot Hot Heat (and I mean really sounds like Hot Hot Heat in that it's exactly like "Naked In The City Again" off their debut album) and "Mother Says" sounds suspiciously like The Stranglers.

The record passes buy so quickly and unstrikingly that once it's finished you'll find yourself wondering what you've done for the past half an hour.



out of 10
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