Honey Ryder - Rising Up

Already reviewed on The Music Fix when originally released last year Honey Ryder have come back for a second go at cracking the big time and making good on their threat to subvert the music industry and make some money for their investors.

Investors? The Dow Jones and FTSE are not really the stuff that rock n roll dreams are made of but they are pretty much where Honey Ryder are coming from. Their business plan, thankfully not involving the Dragon’s Den, has been to sell shares in their future success. So far so good, shares have been sold and big name producers and mentors have rallied to the cause. An initial album release clearly hasn’t made the expected impact so here we are again. Will they manage to beat their initial Music Fix rating of 2/10?

Personally I think they’ve hit upon a clever strategy; don’t think of this as an album in the traditional sense of the word. It isn’t a cohesive set of music but rather a collection of uber commercial, potential hit singles. It makes sense in many ways – in this i-pod age who really listens to albums anymore? Old people. This album isn’t marketed at old people. You can maybe argue that, as a concept, a ‘business model’ if you will, it is somewhat soulless but taken in isolation each and every track here could easily work as a global smash hit.

Opening track Fly Away is pure Natalie Imbruglia, edgy pop which has guitars but won’t scare your mum whereas Choices is a carbon copy of the Emma Bunton blueprint. Recent single Rising Up is more commercial and exuberant than Robbie Williams in his pomp – no genre is left unmolested.

You know what, I think this is a perfectly good pop record and the Now That’s What I Call Honey Ryder approach to album making really works. They make no bones about integrity, they have a plan and they are doing everything they can to create a return on the investment people have made in them. I wish them well and won’t be surprised if the commercial airwaves belong to them in 2010.



out of 10
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