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If you were to abduct a track from any of the last three Radiohead albums (Kid A through to Hail to the Thief) and replace it with one from the Citizen EP, I'm not sure many people would notice. The impression here, some might say, is of a Warp act imitating an act imitating a Warp act. Have I lost you?

This is, for the most part, glimmering, downbeat electronica (think particularly Everything in it's Right Place). The vocals sound very much like Thom Yorke, and the lyrics aren't a million miles away from his dystopian concerns either ("the world is a dream/ as seen on tv"). Final track The Tundra breaks away slightly to include horns and Peter Hook-style bass, which will no doubt further the New Order comparisons that accompanied their first single.

Still, regardless of what it might be likened to, the Citizen EP sounds remarkably solid and assured, making for an intriguing second release from the New Orleans two-piece.



out of 10
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