HEALTH - Disco 2

With the release of 2009’s Get Colour, HEALTH dabbled with a decidedly more melodic sound than that of their debut. However, it was still a visceral piece of bonkers, electro noise-rock and an album that showed real progress and a cohesion not seen on the self-titled album. So it’s no surprise then that their second instalment in the Disco remix series is far better than the first.

Kicking off with the only brand new original song on Disco 2, ‘USA Boys’ is a great piece of ghostly electronica and probably the most danceable track HEALTH have ever written. Stuttering synths and a throbbing bass line make for a very enjoyable trip though the bands ‘pop’ side, recalling the brilliant ‘Die Slow’ from the most recent album. In fact that track also happens to be the basis of two of the best remixes on the album, Tobacco’s dense, grooving take and the more ethereal stylings of Pictureplane.

Other highlights include the minimal techno touch of Gold Panda on ‘Before Tigers’, while Crystal Castles return again (after remixing ‘Crimewave’ from the debut) to wave their magical electronic wands over ‘Eat Flesh’, their reworking featuring some chaotic drums and their trademark clicks and beeps. However the award for best remix on the album has to go to Little Loud and their brilliantly reimagined version of ‘Nice Girls’, taking out the noisy percussion and evil guitars of the original and replacing it with an altogether more summery vibe.

While remix albums are rarely of any real value, Disco 2 is definitely more hit than miss. The majority of the tracks here should be considered purely on their own merit, rather than in direct comparison to their respective originals and in that way this collection surely succeeds.



out of 10
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