Grey Reverend - Of The Days

Sometimes a song doesn’t need the musical kitchen sink throwing at it to successfully win an audience. Grey Reverend have released an intimate album featuring just voice and acoustic guitar. Can such an album as this find its place amongst the electo-barage of much of today’s music, composed on, controlled by and in some instances seemingly written by computers - or is it simply 50 years too late?

Grey Reverend is less a collective and more simply Brooklyn resident L D Brown. Hailing originally from Pennsylvania he was championed by the record label behind The Cinematic Orchestra. This presented him with the opportunity to tour with them across the world and over the last four years develop a music he wanted to commit to record. Of the Days is a set of distinct songs built upon acoustic guitar and Brown’s voice. From this simplistic template a disparate, richly detailed set of songs have been produced that require attention and reward repeated plays. At their core however, there exists a gap between the inferences of the songs and the listener's interpretation. This is a deliberate stance from this Reverend, favouring the grey, less defined sources of meaning. Through suggestion and hints of allegory he will take the listener so far but from there the musical journey is their own.

Sometimes simplicity is enough. With a voice, guitar and purpose this is an album of substance and charm. Brown has been quoted as saying that he is “trying to write songs with a very acute sense of sincerity”. Sometimes, like with this record, that’s enough.



out of 10
Tags Acoustic
Category Review

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