Gomez - GirlShapedLoveDrug

"Doing a Gomez" : releasing a debut album so successful and to such unanimous praise, that expectations are raised to the point where it is impossible to follow it. It is true to say that Bring it On was something very special, an album full of ideas and brilliance and something Gomez have never really been able to repeat. Last years live collection failed abysmally, selling very poorly indeed. Undaunted, they continue, touring themselves into the ground in the US, and working in the studio with producer Gil Norton. Norton has worked with the likes of Feeder and The Foo Fighters, and may explain the more 'straight foward' feel to this song.

For this is very a ordinary song, not without its charms but nothing to get too excited about. It bounces along, sounding like a regular little indie stomp, guitars jangling in the background, drums tapping away, but with not a lot else going for it.

I am sure Gomez get sick of people going on about it, but the odd song aside, nothing they have released since has ever come close to matching the genius of their debut. Yet still they try, each release sounding thinner and more traditionally indie than the last. Hopefully then, this song is not representative then of the new album.

Live Dates
5th BRISTOL, Academy
6th WOLVERHAMPTON, Wulfrun Hall
7th LIVERPOOL, Academy
8th MANCHESTER, Ritz Ballroom
9th LEEDS, Metro Uni
12th NEWCASTLE, Academy
13th SHEFFIELD, Leadmill
14th LONDON, Shepherd’s Bush Empire

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