Goldie Lookin' Chain - Guns Don't Kill People Rappers Do

It's cancer is funny. And, alright, there's scope in hip-hop for a joke but does it have to be the Welsh to point this out. I mean, we've already had Flavor Flav and Ol' Dirty Bastard and if they've not said anything that Goldie Lookin Chain are now desperately trying to - and know that this joke is now wearing as thin as the knees in their Lidl-bought tracksuits - I'll be well surprised.

As Eggsy puts it, "Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do will put the proverbial moustache on the Tom Selleck that we call music" but given that Tom Selleck last sported a cookie-duster about the same time that the Beastie Boys were nicking the badges from Volkswagen, Goldie Lookin Chain are as fifteen-years-ago as hearing a Ben Elton routine about life under Thatch but not as funny. Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do has all of the British references as you'd expect from this hip-hop equivalent to Half Man Half Biscuit but where that band had something unique about their catch-all of minor cultural references, Goldie Lookin Chain aren't much progress from seeing Russ Abbott do a sketch about hip-hop in which he does the old gag about this being, rap. That one and this is just as funny.



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