Golden Animals - Free Your Mind and Win a Pony

When Tommy Eisner and Linda Beecroft re-located to the scorching deserts of California from the stifling scenesters of Brooklyn, they found inspriration in their isolation and, according to the bio, daily rations of mung beans.

Free Your Mind ... is, after the recent Black Angels album, testament to the genuine revival in American psych rock, although Golden Animals trade in a brighter vision that the apocalyptisms of their Texan colleagues. There are obvious comparisons with the Whites in Eisner and Beecroft's guitar and drums set-up, although psych's broader palette is hampered here by limited arrangements and instrumentation. On a track-by-track basis however, it's an amenable collection with nods to the bluesier side of The Doors and the sunshine pop of The Lovin' Spoonful.

The pair's own adventures around Europe and the US are echoed throughout the album and there are frequent references to travel and moving. The hippie ideal of freedom reaches some kind of apex in "Turn You Around" with its Biblical references and plea for the listener to walk their own path in life. With the price of bread these days, packing it all in and heading for the wilderness might not be a bad idea at all.



out of 10
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